Date: 9/22/17 4:22 pm
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Subject: Re: [Va-bird] Goshawk in Annandale, Fairfax County
As Mike Tove consistently says, it is hard to be sure of Goshawk sightings.

But, when a birder says he sees goshawk every 30 years, it is time to think. It is not like he has an itchy id finger.

Somehow this rare species filters into the coastal area of NC every year. While the main push of goshawks at the northern hawkwatches is November-December, people need to be on the lookout for this species now.

In trees near water. The goshawks I have seen in NC were around water, though my purported sightings are of flying birds.

Frank Enders, Halifax, NC

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Subject: [Va-bird] Goshawk in Annandale, Fairfax County

At 10 am this morning, there was an immature Northern Goshawk perched atop
a dead tree, alongside Accotink Creek, in Wakefield Park, Annandale,
Fiarfax County. It could be seen from the main trail, about 200 yards south
of Americana Park (which is just south of Little River Turnpike).

Only the second time I have seen this species in Virginia - the previous
one was also an immature, also perched in a dead tree, also alongside
water, in the old Claude Moore farm, about 30 years ago.

Stephen Eccles
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