Date: 9/22/17 9:02 am
From: Will Cook <cwcook...>
Subject: Re: Spoonbill Jordan Lake?
The Jordan Lake Roseate Spoonbill was discovered there, but hasn't
been seen there for a while. The most recent location is the Morgan
Creek mudflats, where Matt Spangler (re)discovered it on Sept. 17 (see ).

Derek Hudgins relocated it the next day and posted directions on ebird
(see below). It seems that the gate is open here so you might be able
to save some hiking - anyone know the gate situation?

Roseate Spoonbill 1 20 Sep 2017 Derek Hudgins

Likely continuing first county record, refound by Matt Spangler. Large
pink and white shorebird.

Directions: On Transis Camp Rd., you can park at the first gate (which
is where the GPS coordinates here (
recommend parking). I parked here and walked a bit over a mile down
the road (see Mason Point Peninsula checklists). Go past the second
gate (also open today, which has a small parking area on the other
side of the gate but no billboard) to the third gate. Here there is a
billboard for the Jordan Game Land and a map, and a parking area if
you drove this portion. Continue past the third gate until you see
what is now a freshly mowed trail that used to be railroad tracks on
the right. Follow this path until you see a trail coming off it to the
right; the entrance is marked by a white jug on a tree at about
eyelevel. Follow this and stick to the overgrown road; it will take
you to the lakeshore and dump you immediately across from where I had
the spoonbill. This is north of the hotspot pin. Bring a scope
(needed), and use it to clear out spiderwebs on your way down. From
the first gate, it is about 1.5-2 miles out to the flats, then the
same distance back. If the gates are open and you park at the third
gate with the billboard, it may be slightly over half a mile of
forested trails to the lake's edge, plus the trip back and whatever
lakedge walking you do.

On 9/22/2017 10:33 AM, Jim G (via carolinabirds Mailing List) wrote:

I'm going to sit on the "railroad spur" Sandy point area. Is
this where I should be looking at Jordan Lake?
Any help is appreciated.

Jim Gould

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