Date: 9/22/17 8:34 am
From: Fran M <franmmmk...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Possible Acadian Flycatcher at Montrose 9.22.17
After birding at Montrose this morning, I was entering my eBird data into
my phone with my windows open, when I distinctly heard 2 Pee-za! bursts,
the 2nd one followed by the Acadian-like twitter. This sounded so much like
what I remembered on the Sibley app, that I looked around to see if anyone
was playing the tape (not sure why anyone would be taping an Acadian in

I am not entering or counting this bird, as I wanted to hear it once more
ands possibly get a recording of it. That didn't happen. I'm also aware
that this isn't very good Acadian territory, although quite possible during
migration. But vocalizing in September? Maybe someone can help me out with

Anyway, keep your ears open this weekend if you're there....

Craig T, Alex B, Dave A and I also had 2 Nelson's Sparrows in the dunes,
first spotted by Dave.

Fran Morel
Evanston, Cook Co.

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