Date: 9/22/17 8:30 am
From: David Davis via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Steve Johnson's report of large cowbird flock (Sept 21)
I saw what was perhaps the same flock on the 15th or 16th feeding in the median strip and along the several roads on Leesburg Pike (Rt. ) at the Bradlee Shopping Center in Alexandria. I was lugging a couple of heavy bags of groceries and had no binoculars, but I believe there were at least 200 and perhaps twice that. They stretched almost a block along the main and service roads there. They were apparently feeding on grass seeds in the recently mowed green strips. I did see a few starlings, but not many, and they could have been local residents that just joined in rather than part of the nomadic cowbird flock. I have seen this event several times over the years at or near the same place.

I also noted that most of the rush-hour drivers queued up at the stoplights there didn’t even look down at the teeming masses mere yards from their cars. I suppose that one is either a birder or he/she isn’t—kind of like parallel universes.

Good birding.

Dave Davis

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