Date: 9/21/17 8:52 pm
From: Jim Lomax <sdrib...> [countybirders] <countybirders-noreply...>
Subject: [CB] Del Norte and Santa Clara Counties
’s up, dogs?

Decided to take a day trip to Del Norte County yesterday and stuck closer to home today.

Del Norte County Wednesday September 20th

Left home at 0200 and arrived in Crescent City a little after 0800. Met Steve Stump out in the Pacific Shores subdivision (which was never built) north of “The Narrows”, a water area separating Lake Earl from Lake Talawa. We continued south on Tell Boulevard to the end of the pavement. Here we walked south along the dirt road and as we rounded a bend, we had great views of the continuing LARK BUNTING. Steve had found this bird a few days before.

We then drove over to the west side taking Tell Boulevard back north to west on Disteirath Drive and south on Cloudier Street. Slowly moving along we finally espied the SAY’S PHOEBE along the fence west of the road. He found this one a few days before too.

We also looked through the sparrow flocks off of Bailey Road but had no luck with the Clay-colored or Brewer’s Sparrows. Home by 2000 hrs.

Santa Barbara County Thursday September 21st

I first arrived at the east end of Monte Diablo Avenue in San Mateo to look for the reported Yellow-headed Blackbird.
It never showed. I then went over to Baylands Park off Caribbean Drive from Hwy 236. I got there about 1000 hrs and the few birders there left shortly after. So I looked for two hours along and in the vicinity of the Meadow Trail, not finding the bird I wanted. Near noon, under pressure of the afternoon commute, I was about to leave but another birder arrived and said he saw a yellowish warbler in one of the trees, not the bird I was looking for, but I went over to look for what he saw. It was gone so I poked around a little longer than I intended and he found a Yellow Warbler. I gave it a glance, but then noticed something moving a few feet above it. With binoculars I got soul-satisfying looks at the CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER. Very nice.

Stopped in Alviso to look for the Brewer’s Sparrow with limited time. Couldn’t find it in the 20 minutes I allowed myself then headed home getting stuck in the beginning of the commute anyway. Oh well, one out of three birds ain’t bad.

“Truckin’ like the do-dah man”,

Jim Lomax
Solitary Birder
from No Particular Place

Not at all sure where I’ve been, but I’m not starting over again.

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