Date: 9/21/17 8:45 pm
From: Florence Sanchez <sanchezucsb11...> [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] More on Botanic Garden Pewee
Sorry that it's taken all day to make this post.  as noted earlier, I went to the Garden this morning to see if I could re-find the Wood-Pewee found by Rebecca yesterday near the Campbell Bridge and was able to observe well for at least a half hour.  I had front, side and back views, although all the front views were at some distance.  I only had binoculars with me.  It is definitely a Wood-Pewee, not an Empidonax flycatcher--flies from and returns to the same perch, does not flick wings or tail no eye-ring.  Here are some things I noticed;
1.  The bird's bill appears to be all black.  Best way to determine this is from a front view, but those views were the most distant.  Side views were closer and again the bill looked to be very black on both mandibles for the entire length.  This would pretty much rule out adult Eastern W-P.  However, it does NOT rule out immature.
2.  The bird is very light on the breast and throat--almost white.  It is somewhat vested, but not as definitively as most Western W-Ps I have observed.
3.  The wingbars are more pronounced than on any Western W-P I have observed. 
4.  It calls a lot--sounding like a clear "Peer" when I first heard it.  Most of the time, it was NOT slurred upward, but it did do that a couple of times; however, more often it was slightly down-slurred.  Hearing the call up close, I realized that it was actually a two-noted Pee-yer vocalization.  According to the literature, both species of wood-Pewee can make this call.  I heard it this spring in addition to the breeding "song", an emphatic "Pheee!"  
I suspect this is a Western Wood-Pewee, but it would be good to have photographs of this bird examined by experts before it departs.  Photos through a long lens could certainly confirm bill color for example.
Florence Sanchez


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