Date: 9/21/17 1:49 pm
From: Carolyn Schwab <caschwab3591...>
Subject: Probable Northern Goshawk Harvey Co.
Mike Pearce, my husband and I saw a large raptor this morning at our
property. Initially, it was near our small pond dam where we have seen
multiple Bald Eagles, Osprey, and common raptors over the years. This was
a large dark bird with narrow wings and long narrow tail. The wings were
not crooked as much as an Osprey, and gave a longer wing appearance than
Red-tailed Hawks. It did not have the white belly like an Osprey. It flew
in a fast powerful flight and slipped through a small break in the hedgerow
to the south not visible from our angle. Mike had seen a Great Horned Owl
and Sharp-shinned Hawk just before seeing this bird for a good size
comparison. His remark was "It is a bird I've never seen before. It was
very large". I remember seeing the Northern Goshawk reported by others at
McPherson St. Fishing Lake. That date was Sept 19, 2013 which reassured me
a Goshawk could be here on this date although not probable.
Carolyn Schwab
Newton, KS

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