Date: 9/21/17 8:13 am
From: <wolfies.hound...>
Subject: [COBOL] Yard notes on a chilly morning
The white-crowned and golden-crowned sparrows are now here in force and foraging in earnest with the spotted towhees in my yard. The neighborhood "breakfast club" is also back. In addition to the ravens that were around pretty much all summer, juveniles included, the two red-tails are back. They only rarely made appearances this summer. I am assuming there is a nest somewhere in the neighborhood; I just don't know where. One of the red-tails is the same rufous morph that was around all last winter. It is the more vocal of the two, screaming at me as soon as I head out to put the chicken scraps where they can get them. Sometimes I get "talked to" by both the red-tails AND the ravens. The best part about feeding the red-tails is watching them dive from the top of whichever tree they are perched, snag a chicken back with one foot, and fly off to the nearby snag to eat it. Almost as cool as watching the bald eagle do the same!

When I headed out there this morning, also armed with suet and seed for the feeder hanging in a juniper on my way, I saw a half dozen western bluebirds perched in a row on the top wire of the dog yard fencing, one picking off remnant pieces of suet from the empty suet cage. I refilled it; the bluebirds in the interim flew over to one of the nest boxes and continued basking in the sun, softly chattering. Working a nearby tree: a white-breasted nuthatch. AND first thing this morning I heard a Varied Thrush! All in all, a great way to start the day!

Sue Tank
About 10 miles N of Sisters

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