Date: 9/20/17 1:55 pm
From: Linda Pivacek <lpivacek...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] flocks of Tree Swallows, Nahant
stormy! while I was enjoying the large numbers of shorebirds yesterday I saw a flock of about 50 Tree Swallows along Short Beach. I thought perhaps they were driven north by the weather pattern.

this afternoon in continuing bad weather I found a flock busy on SW side of Little Nahant, near Short Beach. They appeared to be catching insects. Recently there has been at least 2 big hatches of flying ants; this is typical at Short Beach this time of year. usually hundreds of gulls join in doing their best flycatching (pretty good for Ring-billed but Herring are clumsy).

Today I did not actually see the flying ants and wondered if the swallows were just "hiding" from winds. BTW the swallows were also covering the Bay Berry bushes.

wonder if the Swallows were busy at Plum Island as well?


Linda Pivacek, Nahant, <lpivacek...>

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