Date: 9/20/17 1:48 pm
From: Tom Schultz <trschultz...>
Subject: [wisb] Report from WISCONSIN POINT for Wednesday 9/20:
Daryl Tessen just called me with another report from Superior. He said they
got 1-2 inches of rain last night from the storms that passed through. The
first hour was fairly active, including nine terns that came flying in.
They were mostly Commons, but the group got very excited when the last one
proved to be an ARCTIC TERN!

Lake Superior was still pretty high today, with the water nearly up to the
dune grasses again, but the wind has shifted around to the west so the
beachline should recede somewhat. This lack of beach has generally meant
very few shorebirds, but they did find a Black-bellied Plover, a
Semipalmated Sandpiper, and a Dowitcher (species undetermined).

Three Parasitic Jaegers were present today, although Daryl said they were
drifting off to the east for the most part. Overall they had just 40
species on Wisconsin Point today, with few ducks moving, and only about 4 or
5 warbler species. Sparrows were also in short supply today, with a few
White-throated and a single White-crowned.

He said the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow and much of Friday, but
it sounds like there may be periods of rain and/or storms on Friday night
and Saturday – and possibly on Sunday.

Please note that the WSO's "Jaegerfest" field trip will run from Friday into
Sunday, and it is open to anyone. There is no need to be a WSO member to
attend -- just come to Parking Lot #1 at Wisconsin Point and join in the
fun! We use Motorola Family Band radios to communicate on the Point, so if
you have one, bring it along. We also have a number of WSO radios to loan
out each day, if you need one.

Tom Schultz
WSO Field Trips co-chair
Green Lake Co.

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