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well, the Jaegerfest scouts in Wisconsin Point (near Duluth)? had 15 species of warblers yesterday -- the shorebirds were also a bit late in the UP this year so....

Shanti, n.

Nancy J. Tikalsky
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I think it might be a combination of these factors. Montrose has been nearly dead lately, after having flurries of Tennessees at the end of August, then blackpolls, redstarts, palms and some others more recently and a few days when there were just ones and twos of a handful of species.There was one day recently when I heard a lot of flight calls in the early morning but it seemed the birds must have kept going because they weren't in the parks.

However, Graceland was good this morning after the rain, as Larry Kratulis noted on Facebook, with 16 species. Feeling warbler-deprived, I birded there with him this afternoon and it was still somewhat 'busy' after the morning rush. Had a yellow rumped and a junco, so it seems the end may be near, or there may be another push in the offing. I think the next cold front may not happen until mid-next-week.

Jill Niland

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I'm wondering the same thing. For the time of year, Montrose felt pretty slow for warblers when I went on Saturday. We had 7 species but low numbers of most, just 1 or 2 birds. I haven't been out much this fall but it feels like migration hasn't really "picked up" yet. Is it a slow start for songbird migration this year or did the birds skip over the Chicago area?

Vera Miller
Downers Grove, IL

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