Date: 9/19/17 12:34 pm
From: Jon Cefus <jcefus...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Sooty Tern Discussion
Hello again!

Ok, just to be more clear on a few things.

First of all, I am aware of the laws around what can and cannot be done to
a migratory bird, but I appreciate getting information about that.

Secondly, PERSONALLY, I am not much of a pro-interventionist on these kinds
of circumstances. Where our responsibility, if any, lies with this bird is
well beyond my power or pay grade to determine. I tend to agree with some
who think that it will likely move on, although I am not at all certain it
has any sense of where it is or where it should go, let alone how to get to
the straits of Florida. None of us are privy to the inner thoughts of a
Sooty Tern. I am merely an observer and a person inclined to evoke some

That said, it seemed to me we have a chance to try to observe this bird
closely while it is here and maybe learn some things. It is easy to show
up, put the bird in your scope and move along to the next bird, but we
should remember just how out of range this bird is and that it's likelihood
of survival in the long-term is probably not all that great. So, if
observers see that it is suffering and getting sick, then I see no reason
why a *licensed rehabilitator* who has gone through the proper channels
should not do what they can if they are so inclined and have contacted the
land owner, etc. I know that some folks have actually volunteered to drive
it back to Florida! That's pretty amazing.

Never for one minute was I suggesting that I would personally go grab the
bird and take it to Florida! I just want that to be abundantly clear.

The idea here is to learn and pay closer than average attention to a bird
that is far, far from home.

I hope this clarifies things for anyone who is wondering. There are many
questions here, but the answers are few, so maybe if we all try to add a
bit of information to the situation something as positive as the great
behavior and community atmosphere that has surrounded this remarkable
storm-blown vagrant will emerge. After all, I do think we all care about
what happens to this bird.

Happy birding!

Jon Cefus
Carroll Co.


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