Date: 9/19/17 9:02 am
From: Peter Fissel <peter.fissel...>
Subject: [wisb] A note about forwarding other emails to Wisbirdn
You may have noticed that Arlene's post about the situation in Florida contained a lot of "gibberish". It's VERY important when forwarding an email that contains photos, graphics of ANY sort, etc., that you strip all of those out before hitting "Send", or the code will come through to Wisbirdn, which does not allow any images. (Similarly, Android devices tend to send messages in "rich" hypertext, rather than plain, which is why those usually come through looking like an alien language.)

Unfortunately, this may also trigger some email servers to treat that Wisbirdn message as "Spam", which will probably put a bunch of subscribers on the Error Watch report. Tom Sykes and I will have to keep an eye on that.

Lastly, I've noticed a bunch of messages to the list recently with no name/location appended to them. Remember, it is a requirement of the listserv that you put your name (first AND last) and location (preferably city/town and county) at the end of your posts.

Peter Fissel

Wisbirdn Admin/Monitor

Madison, Dane Co.

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