Date: 9/18/17 6:54 pm
From: Rich Boyd (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Carteret County Ruff continues
Rich and I both observed the Ruff this morning at separate times between
8am and 9:15am. It was foraging close to the road at the location described
by John Fussell in yesterday's post. Thanks for the update, Marty.

Susan Boyd
Beaufort, NC

On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 8:06 PM, Marty Wall <carolinabirds...> wrote:

> I stopped by the Beaufort Country Club (formerly North River Golf Club) on
> my way back to Beaufort this evening and was able to view the Ruff found by
> Clyde Atkins yesterday. When I arrived around 5:30 PM, Chapel Hill birders
> Haven and Minna were already on the bird. They told me the Buff-breasted
> Sandpiper had been near the Ruff until just a few minutes before I arrived,
> apparently spooked by an Osprey. While we watched, the Ruff got up from
> its resting position and foraged for a few minutes, then stood very still
> for five minutes or so, and then flew away. We do not know whether, or
> where, it landed as it flew into the sun from our perspective. A short
> while later the Buff-breasted Sandpiper appeared, so it is possible the
> Ruff is still present, since they apparently have been hanging around
> together. Approximate GPS coordinates: *34.752550, -76.640012.*
> Marty Wall
> Beaufort, NC

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