Date: 9/18/17 6:35 pm
From: Tom Schultz <trschultz...>
Subject: [wisb] Report from WISCONSIN POINT (Superior)
This evening I received a call from Daryl Tessen, who provided me with an
update on what’s been happening up on the Point these past two days –
preliminary to WSO’s Jaegerfest field trip, which starts on Friday. Several
birders were out on the beach for much of the day.

Daryl said the jaegers have been fairly active, although they made more
appearances yesterday than today. Three Parasitics were observed yesterday,
and he said today there were two individuals hanging around – mainly this
morning. He mentioned that Peder Svingen had spotted and called everyone's
attention to a POMARINE JAEGER (juvenile) yesterday, but unfortunately I don’t
have any further details or photos on that bird yet.

The numbers of terns had apparently been low until today, when approximately
40-50 Commons were counted, along with a Forster’s and a Caspian. He said
that the variety of gulls has been less than hoped for, but they DID have
five SABINE'S GULLS in view! They were on the water for about 10 minutes,
then they flew east for a while – then later they returned. He mentioned
that an immature Great Black-backed had also been spotted, and a Lesser
Black-backed several days ago.

Daryl said that there were quite a few Blue-winged Teal present today, in a
number of flocks. Lake Superior is quite high this year, so the amount of
beach is greatly reduced. When a strong wind is blowing out of the
northeast, he said the waves come almost up to the dune grass! Probably as a
result of the reduced beach, the numbers of shorebirds observed has been
quite low this year.

He said that there were about 17 or 18 species of warblers observed today,
and about 90 bird species on the Point over the last couple of days. He
mentioned that anyone coming to Jaegerfest should try to bring some bread
(stale), if possible, and some bird seed might also be useful for attracting
sparrows. The group is hoping to get a Harris’s Sparrow once again this

Tom Schultz
Green Lake Co.

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