Date: 9/16/17 3:58 pm
From: Steve Thiessen <stevethiessen...>
Subject: [wisb] Searching for Ammo. Sparrows, Stoughton area

I had the good fortune to get to walk a private wet field, which is between crop land. Lots of Swamp Sparrows ,some Song and 1 Ammodramus. I only got to see the small sparrow fly away twice. The weeds were high. But in this quality wetland, I kicked up 3 Sora, 10 Bobolink, 5 Marsh Wrens and 1 Sedge Wren.
I want to mention that it's still early for LeConte's and Nelson's Sparrows. The bulk of Nelson's will come before October and the bulk of LeConte's ,just into October. Just my experience, and I use the word bulk loosely.
Chuck and Marty got out earlier than I usually start looking, and they found a couple young LeConte's, Greg Hottman followed up and found a Nelson's. William M. .found a Nelson's at the end of August. We don't know if it's a weather thing (there was some great migation weather), or if there is a pattern. It will be interesting to see if young LeConte's show up early again. With ebird these are the types of things, casual birders report and will be relevant.
And thanks to some go getter birders ,with cameras. Maybe getting a handle on some ID points, for these young birds, we can put a name to them in the field. But checking Ammo. sp. is just fine. Steve Thiessen Stoughton Dane co.
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