Date: 9/13/17 11:44 am
From: Robert VanNewkirk <van126...>
Subject: Warblers and Thrush - Sewickley Heights Park - Allegheny Co.
During a two hour walk through the park this morning, I had the following:
American redstart (2), magnolia warbler (4), blackpoll warbler (1),
bay-breasted warbler(1), Tennessee warbler (1), ovenbird (1), hooded warbler
(3), wood thrush (1), Swainson's thrush (2), yellow-billed cuckoo (1),
red-eyed vireo (2), pileated woodpecker (2), eastern phoebe (2), eastern
wood-pewee (1). The most active trails were Black Cherry Run and Chestnut.
The wildflower meadow has been consistently productive during the last two

Good birding,

Bob VanNewkirk

Allegheny Co.
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