Date: 9/13/17 10:48 am
From: Ron <waxwing...>
Subject: Ribbonwalk Nature Preserve, Charlotte

I birded the preserve this morning, with Jim Guyton for some of it. Excellent migration day, finishing with 52 species, including 15 warblers. The best was a male Nashville in the meadow edge. The migrant du jour was Red-eyed Vireo, which were everywhere. Twelve is probably low. A Common Nighthawk flew over around 10:00.

There was a bird doing a very good rendition of a Greater Pewee’s morning “Jose Maria” song. It repeated it 10 or more times, a very unique song. I’m assuming it was an Eastern Wood-Pewee variation or maybe learned. I’m not sure there’s even a state record for Greater and I didn’t even think of listing it as such. If anyone knows of an Eastern doing it, I’d like to know about it.

Ron Clark
Kings Mtn. NC

Migrants in gray.
Black Vulture 3
Turkey Vulture 2
Red-shouldered Hawk 2
Mourning Dove 2
Common Nighthawk 1
Chimney Swift 2
Ruby-throated Hummingbird 3
Red-bellied Woodpecker 4
Downy Woodpecker 3
Hairy Woodpecker 1
Eastern Wood-Pewee 2
Least Flycatcher 1 Empid. Bold eye ring. Short wing projection. Round, "large" head. Small bill. Another Empid nearby for size comparison. This one appeared smaller. Reacted a bit to Least playback.
Empidonax sp. 1
White-eyed Vireo 1
Yellow-throated Vireo 1
Red-eyed Vireo 12
Blue Jay 3
American Crow 5
Carolina Chickadee 8
Tufted Titmouse 9
White-breasted Nuthatch (Eastern) 1
Brown-headed Nuthatch 1
Carolina Wren 8
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 1
Veery 4
Swainson's Thrush 3
Wood Thrush 2
American Robin 7
Gray Catbird 1
Brown Thrasher 1
Ovenbird 1
Worm-eating Warbler 2
Golden-winged Warbler 1
Black-and-white Warbler 2
Tennessee Warbler 1
Nashville Warbler 1
Common Yellowthroat 1
Hooded Warbler 1
American Redstart 6
Northern Parula 1
Magnolia Warbler 3
Bay-breasted Warbler 1
Chestnut-sided Warbler 2
Black-throated Blue Warbler 1
Pine Warbler 3
Eastern Towhee 2
Summer Tanager 3
Scarlet Tanager 1
Northern Cardinal 6
Indigo Bunting 1
Common Grackle 40
American Goldfinch 2

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