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Subject: [JERSEYBI] OT - Hurricane Irma and Caribbean birds

Reposting this exchange from the BirdChat listserv, for anyone interested in the hurricane's effects on birds. Off topic for this list, but this is information I haven't seen elsewhere, so please forgive.

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Subject: [BIRDCHAT] Birds in Caribbean after Irma?

Has anyone seen anything on how birds did on some of the islands most
impacted by Irma? The destruction of the forest looks terrible, especially
on the Virgin Islands. I don't think any of these host single-island
endemics but they do have populations of birds that have restricted ranges,
such as Bridled Quail Dove.

I did see a interview with a person on Barbuda and there were Caribbean
Grackles flying around in the background...

Gail Mackiernan
Silver Spring, MD

The biggest concern is Barbuda Warbler, it is a single island endemic,
estimate of 1000-2000 world population roughly. I don't think the
frigatebird colony on Barbuda would have been active at this time of year,
but it is the largest Magnificent Frigatebird colony in the Caribbean.

The Cayos in Cuba got hit hard, worries there are isolated populations
of more widespread species, mainly Thick-billed Vireo, Bahama Mockingbird.
There are some endemic subspecies, and also a big population of American
Flamingo which appears to have been pummeled. Furthermore the population of
Cuban Gnatcatcher on the Cayos is isolated from the patchy populations on
mainland Cuba, there is also an endemic subspecies of Zapata Sparrow on the
Cayos which may have suffered. So lots of concern, and thus far the human
tragedy is what is taking people's energy so no idea on what the bird
tragedy will be until we resolve the suffering of people on the islands.


Alvaro Jaramillo

Laurie Larson - Princeton, NJ

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