Date: 9/13/17 6:58 am
From: MARGARET BAUER <margaretbauer09...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] odd incidental bird sighting
Driving to work just now (Indianapolis), I saw a single bird flying overhead--mostly white, maybe size of a small egret or a gull--but I'm really bad at estimatings sizes. Most distinguishing feature was very long, ribbon-like tail feathers that undulated in the wind as the bird flew (not held in place like normal tail feathers). Reminded me of a tropicbird's tail. From in my car (no binocs or camera) and only the length of a red light to view it, that's all that registered.

I know I cannot get a definitive ID from just this description, but I'm very curious about what the bird may be. I am hoping someone on this forum might have answers to what kinds of birds (migrants probably) would be seen around here with those very long ribbon-like tailfeathers.

Thanks for any insight you can provide,

Margaret Bauer

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