Date: 9/13/17 4:08 am
From: plm108 <plm108...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Storm Birds from Hurricane Irma, Sept 12 List
Thank you to everyone who went out looking for birds impacted by Hurricane Irma as it passed through Georgia on Sept 11. There were several interesting reports from home feeders about hummingbirds and other regular birds at their feeders on Monday, Sept 11. Some of the rarest birds to inland Georgia came on Tuesday, Sept 12, after Irma left many pelagic/seagoing birds behind and halted several rare birds from their regular path of migration. I cannot even begin to tell you how JEALOUS I am that you had the chance to see even one single rarity ... because I'm landlocked in Arkansas right now and still DAYS away from my return to Georgia!! So, I thought I'd make a minor contribution and take on the role of STORM BIRD CENTRAL and report the rarest and perhaps the most exciting birds reported during this incredible time. But first, I must say that my wish is that all STORM-IMPACTED BIRDS, whether rare or common, find their way safely back to wherever they need be at this time and that our Georgia birders remain safe. At this moment, here's what we know or can assume (and please add to this list if I missed something or as new information comes in):


Ruby-throated Hummingbirds feeding more frequently and staying close to home-based feeders (and same with other more common birds)

Multiple rare bird eports from Florida (see eBird for specific species and locations)

TUESDAY, SEPT 12 (GA reports submitted  - and mosty those considered 'storm birds' vs 'regular' inland migrants) 

Black-capped Petrel - Rome GA (in the TJ Maxx parking lot, initially identified as Great Shearwater); Barnesville (someone's yard)

Cory's Shearwater - Walter F. George Dam  (2) 

Great Shearwater - Lake Allatoona (*late afternoon by Chuck Saleeby) 

Magnificent Frigatebird - West Point Lake/Dam 

White-tailed Tropicbird - Marion County (found on a dirt road near Richland GA and taken to rehabber) 

American Oystercatcher - West Point Lake 

Red Phalarope - Etowah Sod Farm (Bartow County) 

Red-necked Phalarope - Ethowah Sod Farm (Bartow County) 

Long-tailed Jaeger - West Point Lake (2); Lake Tobesofkee 

Jaeger Species - DeKalb County Reservoir on Peeler Rd; Lake Blackshear 

Laughing Gull - Lake Hartwell 

Sabine's Gull - West Point Lake 

Royal Tern - DeKalb County Reservoir on Peeler Rd; Walter F. George Dam 

Royal/Caspian Tern - Carter's Rereg Dam; Lake Blackshear 

Sandwich Tern - Lake Allatoona; Long Pond (Lowndes County)  

Common Tern - Lake Hartwell; Lake Allatoona; Brushy Branch Park in Floyd County  (7) 

Common/Forster's Tern - Lake Allatoona; Carter's Rereg Dam 

Black Tern - numerous locations (but also expected this time of year) 

Bridled Tern - West Point Dam; Lake Allatoona 

Sooty Tern - West Point Dam; Long Point at Lake Hartwell (11); Lake Allatoona; Lake Lanier from West Bank Park and Buford Dam; Lake Blackshear; Jackson Lake  (3 different county reports); Strom Thurmond Lake 

Bridled/Sooty Tern - West Point Dam; Clark Hill Dam overlook at Strom Thurmond Lake 

What will WEDNESDAY, SEPT 13 bring??? 

Patty McLean, Tucker GA (but still in Arkansas for the next few days)

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