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Hi all:

Sorry for the correction. The large finch flock and bugling elks were seen at the Pierce Point Ranch, not at the Fish Docks.

Jean Myers

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> Hi all:
> Sorry for the late post - got home yesterday and couldn’t get service while staying on the point. But had a wonderful weekend. Fog was heavy on Saturday (9/9/17) afternoon when we arrived at about 1pm, which kept migrators in place. The Lighthouse was inundated with people, so we headed into the bushes and found American Redstart, Yellow Warbler, Willow Flycatcher and Lincoln’s Sparrow (rare there - who knew?) near the radar tower above the parking lot. At the Lighthouse cypress, we found Chestnut-sided Warbler (1st year) and 2 female Western Tanagers. To observe anything besides people, we had to climb the hill and observe from above through the fog. At the Fish Docks, we had Black-throated Gray Warbler and Lazuli Bunting at the water trough and Pacific-slope Flycatcher nearby, Hermit Warbler and White-breasted Nuthatch at the cypress below the house. At Ranch B we had a kettle of about 50 Raven circling for about 5 minutes before they broke up and 13 Red-necked Phalaropes in the pond.
> On Sunday, 9/10/17, the fog had cleared. So had most of the rarities. However, we found Yellow Warbler at the Fish Docks and many finches in the eucalyptus grove - perhaps 100-300 judging by the sound. We think most were Lesser Goldfinch and House Finch, as those were the species we observed flying into the surrounding flora. Bugling elk performed by clacking horns. At Drake’s Beach were 6 Red Phalaropes in the pond. A male Wrentit was calling from the hillside behind the ponds, and two California Scrub-jay were begging for food and harassing birds (the two latter species listed as rare for this location at this time of year…). A Merlin was being chased by two Kestrels at the abandoned ranch as we drove out. We found no rarities at Bodega Bay.
> On Monday morning (9/11/17) at the Fish Docks we had Fox Sparrow, another Lincoln’s Sparrow (listed as rare here) and 3 Peregrine Falcons at the point, vocalizing, perching and hunting actively. Two more Lincoln’s were found at the ranch with the walk-in cypress grove. They almost landed on me!
> Along with the Pygmy Nuthatches that seem to live at the Bear Valley Visitor Center, it was a 3 nuthatch weekend! Happy birding!
> Jean Myers
> near Gilroy, CA
> along with Marilyn from San Diego…
> Note: Most rarities have photos included on eBird.

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