Date: 9/12/17 6:28 pm
From: Peggy Wagoner Saporito <raven966...>
Subject: kettles of Broad-Winged Hawks near Stormstown
I watched several large kettles of Broad-Winged Hawks pass over our house
near the intersection of Marengo Road and Rt 550 today. Between 1:10 pm and
2:20 pm, we had a total of 121 Broad-wingeds in 4 separate kettles. There
was a mature Bald Eagle traveling with one kettle and only a few minutes
later another kettle was accompanied by an immature bald eagle. All the
birds (including the eagles) headed in a SW direction, more or less
following the south side of Bald Eagle ridge.

As a bonus, while I stood on the deck watching for migrating hawks, a
hummingbird buzzed by, bee-lining it to the Mexican sunflowers and
jewelweeds in the garden:)

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