Date: 9/12/17 5:36 pm
From: Wilma <wjar...>
Subject: Broad-winged hawk, Swainson's thrush, warblers, purple finch
At 1:00 saw a large kittle of hawks circling. 11 pealed off as the others climbed higher. Estimated about 50 watched and counted as they started to follow after first group counted 66 more, At 2:50 saw 5 cruising through . 88 being the high count from yard,
Saw 3 Swainson's thrush this morning,
Nashville warbler 1
Common yellowthroat 4
American redstart 1
Magnolia warbler 2
Black-throated green warbler 1
Watched 4 purple finch feeding on ash seeds.
35 species today

Yesterday saw 2 Cape May warblers, 1 Blackburnian warbler, 1 Tennessee warbler

Wilma Jarrell
Wetzel County

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