Date: 9/12/17 11:19 am
From: Chad Witko <chadjwitko...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Report: Antioch Bird Club Birdathon (September 11)

Yesterday, the Antioch Bird Club held its first annual Fall Birdathon
fundraiser at Antioch University New England in Keene. The goal of the
event was to raise funds for the Antioch Bird Club and to increase
awareness on campus to the diversity of bird species that pass through our
urban university during any given day. The event started just before dawn
at 4:51 AM and lasted until just after sunset, ending at 7:30 PM. All
birding was conducted within the eBird hotspot "area" for the school, which
is is bound by the natural property boundary of the campus as well as the
adjacent bike path and powerline cut that directly borders the campus to
the south (~9.5 acres).

During the course of the event, 5 intrepid birders contributed a total of
50-man hours detecting a total of 41 species. This included 1 new species
for the property (Pine Warbler), which increased the eBird hotspot total to
103 species, tying it for 15th in Cheshire County (all time). The peak of
observations occurred between 4:51 AM and 7:15 AM when a full 25 species
were observed. Mid-day saw the total stalled at 35 species for several
hours before a final push of activity during the final hour yielded the
remaining species.

Highlights included: Great Blue Heron- 2 (flyovers), Broad-winged Hawk- 6
(flyovers mid-day), Common Nighthawk- 18 (first observed at 5:33 PM),
Swainson's Thrush- 2 (pre-dawn flyovers), Brown Thrasher- 1 (last bird of
the day in fading light along the bike path), Tennessee Warbler- 4 (all
seen well at low heights), Northern Parula- 2, Magnolia Warbler- 2, Pine
Warbler- 1 (campus first), Wilson's Warbler- 2, Scarlet Tanager- 1, and
House Sparrow- 3 (the hardest species to get- not observed until 6:02 PM!).

For the full list, please visit ebird:

While we surpassed our target for bird species on the day (40), we fell
just shy of our fundraising goal of $10 per species in combined pledges,
ending with $8.10 per species. Nevertheless, we are thrilled for the
campus-wide support of our small student-run club from students and faculty
alike. We are also content in knowing that our birding efforts on campus
for 1 day have raised critical funding to help the club with future
endeavors including birding field trips for graduate students, the
maintenance of our beloved feeder system (and seed!), and habitat
enhancement on campus to give breeding, migrating, and wintering birds a
small, yet critical patch of habitat in a predominantly urbanized

Good birding,
Chad Witko

Chad Witko

"I came to believe birds are the most vivid expression of life. It made me
aware of the world in which we live."
Roger Tory Peterson

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