Date: 9/12/17 9:23 am
From: Matt Cahill <matt.c.cahill...>
Subject: [obol] Malheur Narrows Egrets
Hi all,

I went and watched the herons and egrets at the Narrows yesterday afternoon
for about an hour. All of the suspect birds were in attendance - the snowy
egret was in the eastern pond, the cattle egret / little blue were in the
small pond between the road sections.

As many have surmised, it's a surprisingly difficult ID on those two small
egrets-herons. There's plenty of photos and comments on plumage already.
I'd add to the discussion, the 'personalities' of the two birds were quite
different. The suspect little blue behaved much more cautiously than the
cattle egret, moving more slowly around the pond and watching the water
with it's neck extended for long periods of time. The cattle egret arrived
after I did, and immediately set forth hunting the pond, covering the same
shoreline as the little blue in a fraction of the time. I watched it
aggressively chase the little blue several times, and bully it for a fish

Not that individuals of the same species can't have different
personalities, nor to deny the subjectivity involved, but those
'personalities' matched my expectations for both birds. I spent lots of
hours in the Florida Keys watching little blues and they always appeared
coy and bookish. And cattle egrets, well they can sure seem like bullies to

My ebird checklist is here:

No herons of any species were at the Narrows this morning around 8, but it
was early still. 30+ greater yellowlegs were standing around.

Good birding,
Matt Cahill

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