Date: 9/12/17 7:15 am
From: Patti Reum via va-bird <va-bird...>
Every year, the Virginia Society of Ornithology awards Conservation Grants
to worthy candidates conducting research in the field of bird conservation
with potential benefits to Virginia species and habitats or that increases
our knowledge about native species or suite of species. . The VSO Board of
Directors has budgeted $2,500.00 annually. Awards are usually $500.00,
$1,000.00 or occasionally more, depending on the worthiness of the

Applicants are encouraged to submit a request in writing to the
Conservation Committee Chair. Each application should include:

1. A short research proposal describing benefits to our knowledge of
Virginia’s avifauna or to a Virginia species.

2. Requested funding level,

3. Detailed budget for requested funding, and

4. Agreement to report back to the VSO at the end of the project.

The Conservation Committee will then consider each application, confer with
the entire Board of the VSO, and notify applicants of an award by *August
15th* and *November 15th* each year. Just to be clear, there are 2
separate competitions for these awards; this is not a two-step process.

There are two deadlines for application: *JUNE 30* and *OCTOBER 31*.
Please submit your application for a grant to Patti Reum (Conservation
Chair of the VSO) at <pareum...>

Patti Reum
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