Date: 9/12/17 6:35 am
From: Fred Shaffer <glaucousgull...>
Subject: [MDBirding] White Ibis at Schoolhouse Pond
I've been having trouble with my e-mail account, and haven't consistently been able to access it recently. But, since I was able to log in now, I thought I'd provide a few additional details of the Schoolhouse Pond White Ibis.  It was an juvenile White Ibis that apparently flew in with a Great Egret during my morning walk today. I initially saw the bird as I stood on the rear observation platform.  It was along the pond's shore on the side near the road.  I hadn't seen the ibis or egret when I began my walk, and I suspect that they flew in when I was in the woods along the backside of the pond.  I rushed back around and got some pretty close photos of the bird as it foraged at the pond's edge.  I'm not sure if the bird is still present or not.  Before I left, a jogger had gone by and flushed the waders up (they were pretty close to the trail/boardwalk) and last I saw the ibis was flying around over the County Administration Building.  I don't know if it settled back down at the pond or went elsewhere, but it is probably worth checking the local Upper Marlboro ponds and Jug Bay if you want to see this bird.  An exciting start to the day, and the first White Ibis I've seen at Schoolhouse Pond!  It just shows that after 30 years of observing at a small location like Schoolhouse Pond, something new can still turn up.  I will attach some photos to my eBird report this evening. Good birding,
Fred <ShafferGlaucousGull...>, Anne Arudnel

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