Date: 9/11/17 6:03 pm
From: jugbayjs <jugbayjs...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Franklin's Gull and White Ibis at Jug bay
Since there have been multiple birds reported in the region in the last week, this evening I was looking for a Sabine's Gull and had no luck. However, I did get lucky and saw a juvie White Ibis, and an adult Franklin's Gull. The gull was originally seen coming down the river, and I saw it briefly on the water with some Laughers but the group was spooked by an eagle and it flew back up the river with some of the Laughers (not all). It did not return. Then about 20 minutes later I saw a White Ibis come in from teh south, way up high at first and then it dropped down and landed at Jug Bay on the PG side with a couple of Great Egrets. I tried was unable to get a picture of the gull, but I got some video of the ibis. Pretty tricky to do with one hand using a point and shoot (I'm recovering from shoulder surgery and can't use left hand)!

If you are in the area tomorrow it may be worth a look for either.

Jeff Shenot
Croom MD

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