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Thanks Nancy, but it seems to be variation within googlemap or people’s phone locators, or satellite alignment, and who knows what else – two of us this afternoon had different addresses showing on our phones, & I heard from another birder who’d been directed to a different street. It’s times like these that reinforce why I still carry an old Thomas Guide map book…

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My apologies! That was me.. I started the list where I parked and forgot to update.

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I respect not posting the address of a private residence, but feel the need to point out that following the eBird link directed several of us to the WRONG address this afternoon. Luckily, there were a couple of other birders already there who directed us across the street – the hummingbird location is on the south side of the street & has pinecone & hummingbird feeders hanging in the trees in the frontyard. At 1:30 pm the bird appeared relatively briefly at a feeder but long enough that we each were able to get a quick but satisfying look.

R. Patton

San Diego, CA

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