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Date: Sep 11, 2017 3:55 PM
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I have some more photos of this bird that I will make available tonight.

Craig Miller

On Sep 11, 2017 3:48 PM, "Wayne Hoffman" <whoffman...> wrote:

Hi -

These are very interesting birds. Some things to consider:

1. juv. Little Blue Herons do have dusky to bluish pigment in the outer
parts of outer primaries and sometimes other flight feathers - normally a
very good field mark. The distribution of this color on this bird does not
look quite typical to me, but maybe i within the normal range.

2. Cattle Egrets can have a variety of anomalies in plumage color, from
this sort of dusky blotching (sometimes much more extensive) to overall
bright peach color (essentially the same color as the back plumes, but all
over). i think all of these anomalies are rare, but they do occur.

3. Nestling Snowy Egrets can have a wide variety of soft parts colors, and
it make take them a short while after fledging to develop dark bills, and
quite a bit longer to get to definitive leg/foot color and pattern.
Googling "Snowy Egret nestling" was very informative, but WARNING brought
up more misidentifications than almost any bird google search I have ever
done. Some nestlings showed completely dark bills, others mostly yellow
ones, and younger ones often were pinkish. We should not dismiss outright
the possibility that these are just-fledged Snowies, but I cannot explain
the dusky marks in a Snowy. maybe someone else can provide more info.

It would great if people could go out and get LOTS of photos.


On 9/11/2017 1:24:03 PM, Craig Miller <gismiller...> wrote:
Follow the link to see a photo from August 24. There are blue mottled
feathers, pink bill, and blackish-yellowish legs. The face/head sure looks
like Cattle Egret to me, but the other features do raise questions.

I considered Little Blue at the time, but there were too many
discrepancies, I thought.

Craig Miller

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