Date: 9/11/17 3:21 pm
From: Richard Candler <candler86...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Hurricane Irma bird activity 9/11/17
I guess I'll add my two cents in observations today. Stuck at home, I watched the feeders all day. As other people have reported there has been a lot of Hummingbird activity. They actually seem more likely to share feeders during this bad weather. I noticed some using the rain pouring off the roof as a shower. Other than that I had about a dozen Mourning Doves, some Goldfinches, Indigo Buntings and Blue Grosbeaks, Titmouse, and Chipping Sparrows. The usual suspects.
I did make one trip out to the peninsula on our property that sticks out into Lake McIntosh. Chainsaw required as the farm roads had some trees across it. Only saw a few Mallards and Canada Geese. Nothing exciting yet. I will be looking tomorrow morning first thing for any windblown vagrants.

Richard Candler
Coweta County
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