Date: 9/11/17 2:26 pm
From: Robert VanNewkirk <van126...>
Subject: Worm-eating Warbler - Sewickley Heights Park - Allegheny Co.
This morning I had the fortune to see a wave of warblers near the entrance
to the Black Cherry Run trail that included a worm-eating, a cape may, a
black-throated green, two magnolias, an American redstart, 3 Nashvilles, and
a chestnut-sided. Other warblers found in the park were an ovenbird, a black
and white, a hooded, and two more magnolias.

Other interesting sightings were:

Pileated woodpecker - 2

Ruby-throated hummingbird - 2

Chimney swift - 5

Carolina wren - 3

House wren

Northern flicker - 2

Red-eyed vireo - 2

Eastern phoebe

American goldfinch - too many to try to count in the wildflower meadow

Gray catbird - 4

Eastern towhee - 3

Good birding,

Bob VanNewkirk

Allegheny County

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