Date: 9/11/17 12:06 pm
From: Terry Valentine <terryval...>
Subject: [GABO-L] wind speed and bird feeders (Gwinnett County)
In anticipation of the 30-50mph winds forecasted for today, my husband and I
(okay mainly my husband) brought in all of the loose articles on our back
deck, the patio underneath and the front step. This included all of our
bird feeders, as a) We didn't want them getting damaged in the high winds,
b) We didn't want them banging against/damaging our house, c) we didn't want
them flying loose and damaging our neighbors' property and d) we figured the
birds would be hunkering down for the duration anyway.

Well here in north Gwinnett we've presumably reached the peak wind speed of
around 30mph for the day, where it will remain for the rest of the
afternoon. But I've been seeing not only the larger songbirds (e.g., a
Red-bellied woodpecker) appear on our back porch looking for our sunflower
and suet feeders, but hummingbirds(!) appear at the bathroom window, looking
for the nectar feeder that was hanging there. The hummers were appearing
earlier this morning however, before it became extremely windy; but I'm
debating whether to put the feeders back out, especially given the birds'
prospects of finding food in weather like this.

I couldn't find a rule-of-thumb online about "safe" wind speeds for bird
feeders, so what do you other Gabo-ers suggest? Maybe those who live down
along the coast (although they've likely evacuated, but they may still be
checking emails) have a better sense of how/when to keep feeders out during
hurricane season. I suppose the "safe" thing would be to just keep my
feeders in for the day, but I feel bad that our "customers" are coming
around and aren't finding anything.


Terry Valentine


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