Date: 9/11/17 10:54 am
From: Nick Kerlin <bluebird6771...>
Subject: Day 3 Banding
A good day banding this morning with 19 birds of 12 species handled. Notable were 6 warbler species (a group we usually do not capture often). Hooded Warbler photo attached. A Blue Jay with an unknown band (not in our records) was also captured. The band number has been reported to the Bird Banding Lab for further information on its banding location.
Thanks for the help from our veteran banders and six new trainees.
Next banding is Wednesday, Sept. 13 at the Air Quality site.

New Banded:
B.C. Chickadee 3
Wood Thrush 1
G. Catbird 1
B. Thrasher 3
Chestnut-sided W. 1
Blackpoll W. 1
Black & White W. 1
Ovenbird 2
C. Yellowthroat 1
Hooded W. 1
House Finch 2


Blue Jay banded 9/13/12
Blue Jay (unknown band)

Nick Kerlin, Bander-in-charge
Avian Education Program
The Arboretum at Penn State

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