Date: 9/11/17 10:27 am
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Subject: [NBB] RROS Bodega Canyon/Cordell Banks pelagic trip of September 10

Some 30 of us braved the seas yesterday out of Bodega Harbor. We had high fog for the first two hours and then dodged a fog bank out at the continental shelf but generally had good visibility. There was a rather large and erratic nw swell that we hit crosswise for the first half of the trip, which made staying upright a challenge. It was a sharp contrast with our August 20 trip along this route, as birds of all sorts were scarce with low numbers of shearwaters (some of each of N. Fulmar, Pink-footed, Buller's and Sooty, plus a fair number of Black-footed Albatross), storm-petrels (just Ashies this time), phalaropes, and jaegers, though six South Polar Skuas was a solid showing, plus a fair number of Pomarine Jaegers (mostly distant) and a single Long-tailed. Murres and Cassin's and Rhinoceros Auklets were present in decent numbers. Sabine Gull's and Arctic Terns were nearly absent. Nevertheless, the mammals made up for the shortage of birds: great close views of 4 Blue Whales, including a fluke flip, decent numbers of Humpbacks, plus Right Whale Dolphins, Pacific White-sided Dolphins, Short-snout Common Dolphins (one small group mixed with the white-sides), and Dall's Porpoises plus close view (and smells...) of the sealion rookery on the islet off Bodega Head, including some very impressive Steller's Sealions.

The Redwood Region Ornithological Society plans a final Bodega Canyon/Cordell Bank trip Sunday, October 15. Spaces available. Consult the RROS website ( calendar for details if you would like to join us.

Gene Hunn, for RROS Pelagics

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