Date: 9/11/17 8:47 am
From: Brodie Lewis <brodietlewis...>
Subject: [obol] Re: FYI: Malheur NWR: Little Blue Heron & Cattle Egret
Greetings obolers,

Stopped at the narrows yesterday, and at first found only GBHE, SNEG, and
GREG, but as I stated to head back to the car to leave, looked in the small
pond inside the horseshoe driving ring and noticed two small white egrets.

One (A) appeared slightly smaller than the other, had a bright orange bill
with what appeared to have the thin strip of feathering on the mandible
that is diagnostic of Cattle. I was suprised, however, to see grey mottling
on some of the primaries and secondaries, as this is a feature I'm not used
to on the many cattle egrets I've seen in India.

The second (b), which made a half hearted attempt to snap at A every once
in a while, had a paler pink bill, but still had bright yellow lores, and
the same matching grey mottling on some of the primaries and secondaries.
Both had dirty grey green legs with bits of yellow starting to show through
on the feet.

I'm assuming Little Blue and Cattle, but neither was as straight forward as
I was expecting. Will share photos tomorrow once I get back to a computer.
Glad they were in the closer pond so a lot of these smaller features were


On Sep 9, 2017 22:43, "Shawneen Finnegan" <shawneenfinnegan...>

> Casey Cunningham sent me photos of the Little Blue at the Narrows @ 12:30
> today asking for ID assistance. I didn’t see the message till later as I
> was working. I am assuming he saw it today but he didn’t actually say.
> Shawneen Finnegan
> Beaverton, OR
> On Sep 8, 2017, at 10:12 PM, Russ Namitz <namitzr...> wrote:
> Henry Burton sent me photos of a CATTLE EGRET, immature LITTLE BLUE HERON
> and SNOWY EGRET all feeding at the Narrows at Malheur NWR that he found on
> Wednesday, 9/6. He looked but did not refind the birds the following day.
> His eBird list does not include the Little Blue Heron yet.
> Good birding,
> Russ Namitz

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