Date: 9/11/17 8:17 am
From: Kathleen Domenig <subscriptions...>
Subject: hawk in Tudek Park
We spotted a large hawk in the meadow at Tudek Park yesterday. It was in the high grass and looked about the size of a groundhog. There was, in fact, a real groundhog very near by, so we got a decent size comparison.

At first we thought it was a groundhog, but I happened to have binoculars with me. Couldn't get a good view, but it looked kinda grey and pointy-headed for a groundhog, with a lighter colored chest.

When it took off and flew low (a sure sign that it was not a groundhog ;-) it proved to have more brown striped-ness to it.

It stayed low and hung around on the grass. At some point, it seemed to pounce on something, but apparently didn't get it - or else devoured it almost immediately.

Closest image I can find is a northern goshawk. Is that feasible?

Kathleen Domenig
State College, PA
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