Date: 9/10/17 9:06 pm
From: John Herman <herman.jp1257...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] sod farms & shorebirds
With now being the peak for buff-breasted sandpiper & American
golden-plover migration, an excellent place to look for these shorebirds is
at Ohio sod farms.
One of the Medina Sod locations is at 14349 Burton City Rd., Orrville; they
have another location at Porr Rd., Doylestown; & another at 8809 Lake Rd.,
Seville; Green Velvet Sod is at 6700 Huntley Rd., Columbus; Hartville sod
is at 13755 Duquette Ave. NE, Hartville; another Green Velvet Sod at 2615
Stewart Rd., Bellbrook, Turpin Farms at 3295 Turpin Lane, Cincinnati and
Kent sod is at 9689 Newton Falls Rd., Ravenna. If none of these are near
you, do a google search for "Ohio sod farms".
New Carlisle & West Carrollton also have sod farms.
When it comes to sod farms for shorebirds, the bigger the better.
Hartville sod is 200+ acres and Turpin sod is also large.
Remember that these sod farms are private property so don't walk out on
them before first obtaining permission. Often these farms can be scanned
with a 'scope from the road if the traffic is minimal. Please use caution.
Best time to check these sod farms for shorebirds is in the evening &
Sundays when workers are not present to disturb the birds.
Good luck,
John Herman


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