Date: 9/10/17 8:32 pm
From: Jeremy Meyer <jmeyer4044...>
Subject: [wisb] Horicon Marsh - King Rails - images
Good evening,
I spent the morning at Horicon Marsh yesterday. When I arrived at sunrise,
I was surprised by the lack of water. I must not have been reading recent
reports thoroughly. With the lack of water on hwy 49, I decided to go to
the "red rock" pond, on the auto tour. I saw the King Rail in spring, but
never was able to get great looks. Around 9:30, I finally saw one walking
along the edge of the weeds. This bird was a juvenile and walked along the
edge for about an hour or so. It never really paid any attention to me.
Occasionally it would run in the weeds, but always came right back out.
Thank god the tour was rather quiet and there wasn't anything to spook the
bird. About 10:30, on it's way back towards the red rock, a second one came
out. This one turned out to be a female. A few others had joined me by now.
We were all able to see both birds, for about a half hour or so. I was very
excited to be able to watch and photograph these birds for over an hour and
half! It was really the only reason I went yesterday. Images can be viewed
at the link below.

Have a great night,
Jeremy Meyer
Franklin, Milwaukee

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