Date: 9/10/17 2:26 pm
From: Isaac Denzer <bartailedgodwit...>
Subject: [obol] Lincoln Co. birding 9/9/17
Hi all,

Jacob Mathison, Kai Frueh and Ben Frueh and I birded the Lincoln Co.
coast yesterday.

We started with a quick check at Boiler Bay, where it was very foggy.
Best birds were a flyby Long-billed Curlew and a Ruddy Turnstone that
flew by with a flock of peeps, we also had 4 Marbled Murrelets and 3
Sooty Shearwaters.

Next we stopped at the Salishan Nature Trail. Not very many songbirds
were moving, but there was some decent shorebird activity, highlights
were: A Long-billed Curlew feeding on the far side of the bay, a flock
of ten Marbled Godwits and a lot of peeps.

Next we drove north to Cutler City, we found a nice area to scope the
bay from the end of SW Fleet ave. Shorebirds included a juv.
Semipalmated Sandpiper with a flock of Westerns. After scoping the bay
we birded the Cutler City Wetlands Open Space (none of us had ever even
heard about it before), which isn't really a wetlands at all. However,
it does have some pretty nice migrant habitat and it will probably turn
up something good if it gets checked more frequently. We had a few mixed
flocks in there, highlights included: A Cassin's Vireo, our first of
season Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Townsend's Warblers and Blak-throated
Gray, Orange-crowned and Wilson's Warblers.

After birding Cutler City we birded our way down to and around Newport,
we didn't see anything too noteworthy, although we did find a Wandering
Tattler and a Marbled Murrelet at Depoe Bay.

After a birding a very quite Newport we drove down to the Waldport area.
Our first stop was Sandpiper Village, which was very dead. Then we drove
about a mile south and birded the north spit of the Alsea bay, which was
quite productive. Highlights were: a Pacific Golden-Plover with a flock
of 21 Black-bellied Plovers and a lone Ruddy Turnstone, we did not
manage to find the Snowy Plovers reported earlier in the day. Our last
stop was Eckman Lake, were we found a Baird's Sandpiper with a small
flock of Leasts.

Full species lists and photos on eBird.

Isaac Denzer

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