Date: 9/10/17 2:23 pm
From: Alan Contreras <acontrer56...>
Subject: [obol] Florence birds
I birded a bit around Florence this morning with Daniel Farrar and Claire, a visiting birder from Maryland who has been working for Klamath Bird Observatory. Quite a nice morning. Highlights:

THREE AM AVOCET just below the infamous House On Stilts on 126. We saw them from the mudflats below the tip of the port parrking area. Also there was a flyover BH GROSBEAK. FYI, I confirmed with Port staff that it is perfectly fine to walk back to the tip of the point. The Guests Only signage is for parking and overnight use only. Daytime birding is allowed.

FORSTER’s Tern at the crab pier flats on s jetty road. One Bonaparte’s hanging with the gullwad. Also there, in the shrubbery, were two Yellow Warblers and a LAZULI Bunting, a very nonstandard bird for the Lane dune zone. I doubt I have ever seen one in that area before. Shorebirds there were mostly Westerns, a few Semi Plovers and one dowitcher.

Also a bit nonstandard, out the s jetty, were ONE Surfbird nowhere near the ONE Black Turnstone. We failed at the Golden Trifecta: could not find one Bushtit. We did see two Waddling Splatterers out on the jetty.

Small southbound movements offshore were mainly Pintail. One flock of Shovelers, very few Surf Scoter, murre and Brown Pelican.

Daniel can add what I forgot. We are posting details to ebird.

Alan Contreras

Eugene, Oregon

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