Date: 9/10/17 9:25 am
From: John Heneghan <johnhens...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Warblers and Water
This AM (Sunday), we were sitting on the back porch. I had turned the sprinkler on to water a pin oak. We had a group of robins come in and start bathing. Then 4 Swainson's Thushes  from the neighbor's magnolia tree came over to bathe. though they were in the lower branches. A sparrow showed up, surprised to see a Tree Sparrow. Redstarts made an appearance. A Chestnut Sided appeared. 2 Black and White warblers showed up. 3 Palm Warblers were also enjoying a bath. A Tennesee Warbler was next. Tricia saw a Bay Breasted Warbler. 2 Titmice, a Flicker and many House Finches too. We had 4 White Breasted Nuthatches show up at the feeders in addition to the 3 that have been here. It was a good morning after a poor Spring for Warblers. I will remember to turn the sprinkler on again. 
John HeneghanBig Rock, Kane Cty 
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