Date: 9/10/17 6:53 am
From: <5hats...>
Subject: [obol] serendipity and disappointment

Ah, birding.
Yesterday morning Laura and I left home fairly early with expectations of catching up with some warblers in some of the areas along the coast where vagrants have previously been seen. While we were eating breakfast at the Chalet in Newport, a Northern Goshawk flew right over town. A good start! After we ate we checked the riparian area at the base of Big Creek Reservoir north of Newport: It yielded one crow, two collared doves, and a calling Red-shouldered Hawk. Well, ok. On to the park and boardwalk at west D Lake. Two Common Yellowthroats, and nothing more. A bit later we checked the entire length of the Salishan nature trail along the south shore of Siletz Bay, and never saw a single bird. Another day perhaps.

Darrel & Laura

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