Date: 9/10/17 4:57 am
From: John Herman <herman.jp1257...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] great white heron possibility
During the next week or so, when you see an "egret", check out the birds
leg color and how massive the bill is. With the hurricane going thru
Florida there is a probability that a few great white herons (GWH), a
subspecies of the great blue heron, will be seen north of its normal range
of southern Florida. If a person believes they have found a GWH, quality
photographs need to be taken to prove to the Ohio Bird Records Committee
that the heron is not a leucistic great blue heron. Currently, Ohio has
only one record of the GWH, from 1938. A leucistic great blue heron is
probably as rare in Ohio as a GWH.
Good luck,
John Herman


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