Date: 9/10/17 12:04 am
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Subject: [SFBirds] Sea watches, 9/7-9 + Miscellaneous observations, 9/9
I conducted 1-2 hr. sea watches each of the mornings of Sept. 7-9 (with Hugh Cotter on the 9th) from the southmost parking area of the Great Highway. Each morning featured WSW winds with excellent visibility on the 8th & 9th. Jaegers were the highlight each morning, including 6 (5 Parasitics, 1 Pomarine) in view at one time on the 8th.

Observations of local interest for each day -- 7th/8th/9th:

Surf Scoter: 0/4/2
Pacific Loon: 1/3/2
Red-thr. Loon: 1/1/0
Common Loon: 6/8/5
W. Grebe: 3/2/3
Pelagic Cormorant: 0/0/1
Osprey: 1/0/0
Semipalmated Plover: 0/1/0
Red-necked Phalarope: 0/0/1
POMARINE JAEGER: 1/3/1. On the 8th, 1 possible dark-morph, subadult Pom was scoped on the water adjacent to an ad. Parasitic, which it dwarfed. The bird was bulky, thick-necked, short-tailed with no projections, and all-dark but for white primary flashes observed during brief flight view. In fact it was highly suggestive of a South Polar Skua, but photos could not be obtained as the bird was rather distant.
PARASITIC JAEGER: 5/9/6 (ads. and imms.; on the water and in flight, chasing Elegant Terns)
LONG-TAILED/PARASITIC JAEGER SP.: On the 9th Hugh and I observed a dark-morph juv. flying S just beyond the surf. It was flying rather buoyantly and was dwarfed in size by the California Gull it briefly pursued.
Common Murre: 7/12/4 (mostly juvs. on the ocean)
Pigeon Guillemot 1/4/1
Barn Swallow: 3 over the ocean on the 8th.
Harbor Porpoise, Bottlenose Dolphins, and a California Sea Lion on the 9th.

On the 9th, following the sea watch, Hugh and I checked a few locations in W SF. Small numbers of western migrants were noted, with a few species of interest. At the S. Lake Merced concrete bridge, a calling LESSER YELLOWLEGS flew over the north lake heading NW. Red-necked Phalaropes continue on the north lake with at least 47 in several groups a ways out. 2 Virginia Rails and 1 Sora called un-prompted. 1 male Great-tailed Grackle continued. A Coyote crossed John Muir Drive heading towards the lake.

At the East Wash, less common species included 1 Selasphorus hummingbird, 1 Red-br. Nuthatch, 1 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, and 1 "non-local" (by call) Red Crossbill.

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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