Date: 9/9/17 9:04 pm
From: Lewis Crowell <ltcjac...>
Subject: HELP. Anticipated big birding opportunity today in Clarion County
Adjoining the south line of Shippenville is
the main parcel of State Game Land 63, an
unusually dependable birding location. It may
probably be the best Game Land in northern PA area
for its lush and varied vegetation, and its
abundance of Shingle Oak. This oak, along with the
White Oak have to be the top two magnets
attracting migrant warblers.
For the third year in a row I have run into
a major warbler fallout in the same location of
this Game Land, yet only to be able to identify
1/5 of them. Today (Saturday) was no exception.
We were planning to to take our usual 3 mile
loop. However right at the start I became so
bombarded with warblers and migrating sparrows
that I never left the vicinity of the parking
lot. Still I could only ID maybe one out of six.
The tentative list of warblers and sparrows is

Black-Throated Green Warbler
Yellow Warbler (?)
Orange-Crowned Warbler (very shaky, relied on
yellow under tail coverts and olive back)
Tennessee Warbler - equally shaky ID
Pine Warbler
Worm- Eating Warbler (VERY shaky; only saw breast
Cape May Warbler
Bay-Breasted Warbler
Chipping Sparrow; adults & juveniles
Field Sparrow , and who knows what else - at least
40 sparrows- too skittish to get a good look.
Clay-colored sparrows are a real possibility here.
and MANY MANY other species hidden deep in the
clumps of Shingle Oak leaves.

Such incompetence is a terrible waste of a
superb birding opportunity. I am pleading that a
local, more competent birder(s) check this spot
out tomorrow (Sunday). PM is best but I have
never birded here in the AM. The wind direction
will still be from the NE, so it should still be

LOCATION: Park near the gate in front of the
sign saying 854 Roberts Hill Rd , which is about
100 yards from SR 208 just south of Shippenville
. Go around the gate and just past the Game Land
buildings. Check out the trees surrounding the
small mowed area in the rear, the trees lining the
stone road and up to the rail trail, and generally
around the whole complex. Also check the patches
of "foxtail" grass growing on the the rail trail
(This grass (Setaria,sp.) is light tan and is also
called millet or bristle grass. Ignore the
abundant Japanese Stiltgrass which is green.
The warblers and sparrows concentrated within
a 150 feet radius of the building complex and
stayed put for the whole time. (between 4 and 6:30
PM) I suspect the abundant sunshine here
attracted many more insects than further down the
shady rail trail. The cool weather also helped
concentrate the birds in the sunny areas, and the
grit on the rail trail was yet another draw.

In the unlikely event you don't find much,
continue up Roberts Hill Road about 1/4 mile and
park in the
the main parking area on the right. Walk across
Roberts Hill Rd. and up the Game Land Road. Soon
you will find a clearcut on the right and mature
woodland on the left. These trees (including
plenty of Shingle Oak will be bathed in sunshine,
and should provide excellent opportunities.
Plenty of other areas abound here . E-mail me if
you need further information on this remarkable
Game Land.

Lewis and Jennifer Crowell
East Aurora, NY (near Buffalo)
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