Date: 9/9/17 6:05 pm
From: Gail Mackiernan <katahdinss...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Migration last night
Hi all,

It is obvious from the counts at Cape May and the experiences of many birders around here (including us) that last night we had a major movement of birds over a wide front. It is almost like a dam broke! Last week we were in Maine and visited the migratory hotspot of Cousin Island near Yarmouth three times, all nights with the ideal NW winds. Although we had some good days, they were not overwhelming. Well today the counter there, Derrick Lovitch, was overwhelmed by almost 4000 birds, with all-time high counts of many species. I can imagine other sites had similar experiences. Any other birders in this area have major flights?

Gail Mackiernan
Colesville, MD

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