Date: 9/9/17 5:43 pm
From: Glenn d'Entremont <gdentremont1...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] When do we know when a bird leaves an area?
This morning at Plum Island we stopped at the Wardens talking to one another about there could be a Lark Sparrow at around 9:15ish. We met someone also arriving and they informed us someone did indeed have a Lark Sparrow this morning. It did not take us long to located it. While watching this cooperative bird from 50-100 feet a quiet "tst" sound came from above. The sparrow stopped feeding and walked to the edge of the vegetation, then flew to the top of a dirt pile. We observed for 30-45 seconds, it gave several "tst" calls, very similar to what I heard go overhead, and then launched itself. It appeared headed for the top of the building, but then gained more altitude and headed east and when it got to the road/trees east of the road then turned south and continued at altitude. I watched for as long as I could, some 1/4 mile or so wondering if it would return. When the MA Audubon group arrived I explained the bird had left. Or so I thought.

Later in the morning I found out others were still locating the Lark Sparrow! Based on continuing reports it appears it was seen the rest of the day. What caused the bird to turn around or was this a new arrival?

So, when do we know when a bird leaves an area?


Glenn d'Entremont: <gdentremont1...> Stoughton, MA
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