Date: 9/9/17 5:32 pm
From: Frank Enders (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Nash Vandemark Turf-early AM White-rump, 28 peep---Mills RIver sounds better!
Apparently most of the peep and the (40) Horned Larks spent the night near Gate B, around second and third wheel sets.

Key for these birds and the 10 peep at the far southwestern end is removed turf, leaving puddles and moist spots. I doubt there are many more birds in big back area, which is a sea of green, growing turf.

18 Least Sandpipers and one White-rumped at Gate B, 10 Leasts at Southwest (disturbed from Gate B). Only some 10 Killdeer--maybe rest left before I got here. Red-tailed and Red-shouldered Hawk out in fields (on irrigation).

Some peep got into turf, but the mist and dew make it obvious why short birds would not want to walk in there in AM. These peep are not grasspipers but mudpipers. The Killdeer seem to be able to handle the short green grass. Leasts that settled in the green soon got out.

7:15 to 7:50 AM.

I had two Killdeer fly in to my chick yard (gravel) near dawn, so I suppose the Killdeer that roost at Vandemark go out to small open areas very early.

How close do Baird's have to be to be called? A still photo allows one to examine details of plumage, but these peep are constantly walking about to feed, so I cannot see all that much (leg color, sure, but not anchors on feathers!) (30-40x scope and 10x bins). Maybe the trick is to find birds roosting at high tide, which does not occur near here.

I guess I am done here. Rare birds might fly in, from time to time, but winds from north do not bode well for anything except drop-in-and-get-out-birds. Just as I doubt this farm can support all the workers and new equipment, I have this feeling there are not the food resources for shorebirds to gain weight.

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